Corso online DIR201PREP (English)

DIRimè Italia è lieta di patrocinare il Corso online DIR201PREP in collaborazione con SeminarInsitut Austria.

The course DIR201PREP provides 4 live online real-time meetings with ICDL DIR204 Trainers from two different disciplines for a small group of professionals.

Who should attend:

This course is recommended to all those who have taken course DIR101, Introduction to the DIRFloortime® model, and are interested in continuing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the practical application of DIR Floortime®. It is highly recommended to those who plan to join the DIR201 course that will take place in Austria in fall of 2018.




Giulia Campatelli, Psychologin,ICDL DIRFloortime Trainer (ICDL DIR204)

Stefania Menconi, TNPEE, ICDL DIRFloortime Trainer (ICDL DIR204)

Course Language:

Englisch (Deutsche Übersetzung bei Bedarf)

Course Description:

4 real-time online meetings of 90 minutes where numerous videos of DIR Floortime®  sessions are shown, analysed, and discussed in details. This is an active, participatory and dynamic training, consisting of observation and critical analysis, on the part of the participants, of DIRFloortime® interventions videos. Participants will be given the tools to identify the developmental capacities of the children (FEDCs), reading cues providing indicators of their individual differences, and tools to identify the intervention strategies utilized by the therapists involved.

Sessions will be recorded for participants to review within one week, if they cannot participate an a live session.


These live online meetings with out instructors aim at helping participants develop and refine their ability to critically observe and analyse DIRFloorimte® therapy videos.

This course will help participants to:

  • develop and refine their ability to observe and analyze DIR Floortime® therapy videos
  • achieve a clearer understanding of the nature of the intervention in this model
  • understand better what is expected during their clinical work in course DIR201 and which  capacities are expected from a practitioner who has completed DIR201.
DIR201PREP collaborazione europea DIRimè

DIR201PREP collaborazione europea DIRimè